Dungeons & Dragons

Jason Beil has been playing Dungeons & Dragons for forty years. As a Dungeon Master, he has created and run numerous campaigns, entertaining friends and family with creative stories, fierce opponents, challenging puzzles, dazzling magic, humorous characters, and rich fantasy worlds.

Now for the first time Jason is bringing his passion for D&D to the masses! His thrilling adventure modules are now available exclusively through Dungeon Master’s Guild. These challenging but easy-to-run fantasy adventures will entertain players and Dungeon Masters alike. The first three adventures are available now, with plenty more to come!

The eyes of moloch

A mysterious cabal seeks adventurers willing to risk life and limb to plunder an ancient temple dedicated to the devil Moloch. The goal? Recover the fabled gems known to arcane scholars as the Eyes of Moloch! But be warned… devious traps, puzzles, and undead horrors protect the temple’s secrets. Is your party brave—or foolish—enough to answer the call?

The Eyes of Moloch is an old-school style dungeon crawl for 5-7 characters of levels 1-3

Castle Evernight

The original Castle Evernight campaign, created and run by Jason Beil from 2015 to 2021, was an epic fantasy adventure that took its heroes from level one neophytes to level twenty legends. Pitting the heroes against the elder chaos god Xxoth, the time-and-space spanning tale revolved around a deadly, multi-level mega-dungeon in the grand style of the early, seminal fantasy campaigns like Blackmoor and Greyhawk. Now parts one and two of the central dungeon of Castle Evernight is available for Dungeon Masters everywhere, with more to come soon!

Castle evernight volume 1:

The Crypt of alicus vyle

On the road to Stonebridge Hollow, Lord Tallgrave’s entourage is ambushed by the notorious Sharpfang goblin tribe. Much to Tallgrave’s horror, the goblins abduct his daughter, niece, and a handful of servants. The only clue left behind is the mysterious journal of Alicus Vyle, which points to the ancient ruins of Castle Evernight. Tallgrave will pay well for the safe return of his daughter… but dare you brave the foreboding ruins that have claimed countless adventurers’ lives?

Castle Evernight: The Crypt of Alicus Vyle is a dungeon adventure for 5-7 characters of levels 1-3

Castle evernight volume 2:

The Defiled mines of Undernight

A mysterious svirfneblin—a deep gnome from a lost underground kingdom—appears in Stonebridge Hollow seeking aid for an urgent mission. She tells a tale of a king in grief, the charismatic duke who betrayed him, and the corruption of the mines their people depend on for survival. Her plea for help comes with a warning: any who hope to brave the realm of the svirfneblin must first endure a gauntlet of challenges against Death itself!

Castle Evernight: The Defiled Mines of Undernight is a dungeon adventure for 5-7 characters of levels 4-6