Smashing Windows and Kicking Down Doors: The Story of the Rockadudes

It was the early 80s, a time of great musical enlightenment and exploration, and four young middle-school kids from Pennsylvania decided to make some music together. None of them had any musical ability, but undaunted, they went about the task of writing humorous lyrics and coming up with rudimentary melodies. The earliest recordings are, fortunately, lost to the ages, but later efforts, such as 1985s “Under the Porch: Live from the Kremlin,” live on somewhere on old cassette tapes. The last classic-era music from the Kick-Ass Party Men, as they were known, was released in 1989.

But now all four classic members of the group are back, all grown up and ready to enter a new millennium. Jason Beil, now a seasoned musician, vocalist, and songwriter, returns to his roots with light-hearted lyrics and playful melodies. Brian Linnen brings a retro-80s techno-pop vibe to the group, while mad mastermind Colby Zell contributes a harder edge. Finally, the smooth bass tones of Jimmy K provide the backbone of the band’s sound and are sure to make all the young ladies weak in the knees.

The boys are back, and they’re better than ever. Committed to exploring new musical territory and bringing you a sound that is both retro and as fresh as tomorrow, they truly are “love’s last living troubadours.”

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