The Talisman War Series

The Talisman War is a tale of magic, mythical beings, friendship, loyalty, conflict, and love. Deeply rooted in the tradition of epic fantasy, it tells the story of a young baker’s apprentice who must rise above his humble beginnings when fate forces him to enter a world of dangers he never knew existed.

Book One: The Talisman of Faerie

The Talisman of Faerie by Jason Beil

Alec Mason is a humble baker’s apprentice from a simple farming village on the outskirts of Tyridan. But when he discovers an ancient artifact of immense mystical power, he becomes the target of Salin Urdrokk, the dark sorcerer who desires it. With his friends Sarah and Kraig, Alec is forced to leave the life he knows and enter a world of danger and intrigue.

Joined by a mysterious hermit and a warrior they cannot entirely trust, Alec and his companions flee Salin’s agents, braving the uncharted wilderness north of Tyridan. Beyond deadly forests, plains, and mountains lies the realm of Faerie, the one place Alec might find sanctuary.

For in this magical realm live the Fair Folk, a long-lived, pure-hearted race of great power and wisdom. Yet even the pure of heart can be corrupted, and a dark betrayal awaits Alec in Faerie. Weakened and divided by treachery, can the Fair Folk protect Alec from Salin’s terrifying wrath?

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Book Two: The Sword of Kings

The Sword of Kings by Jason Beil

Lorn du Carren is the exiled Prince of Eglak, betrayed by his corrupt brother and cast out of his homeland for crimes he did not commit. Recently, Lorn has risen from despair and self-pity, taking up the sword to defend young Alec Mason and the Talisman of Unity from Salin Urdrokk’s terrifying wrath. With Salin defeated and the Talisman safe, Lorn has found sanctuary and purpose in the realm of Faerie, where he aids the Fair Folk in their battle against the forces of darkness.

When he receives word that his brother Thorne is waging a futile war that has brought Eglak to the edge of ruin, Lorn resolves to return home to set matters aright. But as the war escalates, a sinister power grows in Thorne, a power somehow tied to the otherworldly weapon he wields, the Sword of Kings.

Meanwhile, a dangerous sorcerer escapes captivity and returns to threaten the people of Faerie. And an ancient curse grows in power, causing the living dead to spill forth from the tomb of Faryn-Gehnah. Is this strange convergence of events a coincidence, or is there a single dark will behind it? And can Lorn, Alec, and the heroes of Faerie do anything to stop it?

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