The Sword of Kings Review by Danica Page

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My Overall Thoughts/Impressions: I read the synopsis for the first time and was immediately intrigued by this one. Then unfortunately it took me forever to get to reading it. I really just need to learn to read faster, because I always end up leaving these amazing books sitting on my shelf/computer.

Anyway, like I said I was intrigued with the plot from the very beginning. It sounded original and that right there was a huge draw. I loved the characters from the very beginning and after thirty pages or so I was absolutely enthralled with the stories. I loved the writing style, the world building, the plot, and the characters.

Alec Mason and his friends’ adventures had me laughing out loud at some parts, frantically reading at the edge of my seat, and thoroughly entertained all at once. This book is definitely long. I won’t deny that, but it’s worth reading. Fans of epic fantasy, like Eragon, will like this one.

Overall, the pacing was very good and didn’t drag. I feel like Beil has created a world that will leave readers entranced. This is a story that left me wondering what happens next and yet at the same time I felt the ending was a satisfactory close.

I loved all the characters and couldn’t pick a favorite. However, I will admit that along with Alec and Sarah (and basically everybody) I also really liked the character Lorn. He’s one of those characters you just gotta love.

I enjoyed reading this novel and definitely recommend it to epic fantasy fans.
In Summary: An original and compelling epic fantasy that readers will adore.

Warnings/Side-notes: It’s an epic fantasy meaning that there is minor violence, but I still wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this novel. There are also some very minor sexual references. But they are extremely minor.

The Wrap-up: I enjoyed this novel. It was well-written and well-crafted. I loved almost every aspect of this novel. One that I really enjoyed reading.